Synthesis and Thermo gravimetric Studies of Polyaniline/Cobalt Chloride Composites

Asha ., Sneh Lata Goyal


Chemical oxidative polymerization of aniline hydrochloride has been done by adding various weight% of CoCl2.6H2O using ammonium peroxidisulphate as an oxidant to synthesize PANI and PANI/cobalt chloride composites. Both pure PANI and the composites were characterized by Thermo gravimetric Analysis (TGA). Various kinetic parameters like activation energy, frequency factor, entropy of activation and free energy change of decomposition have been calculated. The results indicate that the thermal stability of PANI is more in composite form. First, it increases with increase in cobalt chloride content up to 20 weights% and thereafter it starts decreasing.


thermo gravimetric analysis, activation energy, entropy of activation, frequency factor, free energy change of decomposition.

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