Study on Semiconformal Kaehlerian Recurrent and Symmetric Spaces of Second Order

K. S. Rawat, Sandeep Chauhan


Walker1 studied on Ruse’s spaces of recurrent Curvature. Singh2 studied on Kaehlerianspaces with recurrent Bochner Curvaturetensor. Ishii3 introduced the notion of Conharmonic transformation under which a harmonic function transforms into a harmonic function. Negi and Rawat (1994) studied some bi-recurrent and bi-symmetric properties in a Kaehlerian space. Further, Rawat and Kumar4 studied Weyl-Sasakian Projective and Weyl-Sasakian Conformal bi-recurrent and bi-symmetric spaces. In the present paper, we have studied and defined Semiconformal Kaehlerian recurrent and symmetric spaces of second order. Several Theorems also have been established and proved therein.


Kaehlerian recurrent space, Kaehlerian symmetric spaces, Semiconformal curvature tensor.

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