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 The Academy shall consist of Patron, Benefactors, Honorary Fellows, Fellows, Regular Members, Student Members, Life Members, Sessional Members, Associate Members and Institutional Members.

               Patrons shall be persons of eminence in any area of physical sciences with internationally acclaimed status chosen by the council. Benefactors shall be persons contributing ten thousand rupees or more to the funds of the Academy. They shall enjoy all the rights and privileges of a regular member. Honorary Fellows shall be selected from amongst eminent scientists, technologist or persons who have rendered valuable services towards the advancement of the causes of the physical sciences. Fellows shall be elected from amongst the members of the Academy who have attended distinction in any area of physical sciences. Institutional Membership status can be granted to any educational or research institution, commercial or industrial organization / agency associated with various aspects of physical sciences on payment of prescribed subscription. Regular, Student, Life, Sessional and Associate Members shall be any person enrolled in accordance with the rules and the regulations of the Academy by paying the prescribed subscription. The number of Honorary Fellows and Fellows shall be restricted to such a limit as decided by the council from time to time. However, at any time number of Honorary Fellows and Fellows can not exceed one hundred and five hundred respectively. The Honorary Fellows, Fellows, Regular and Life Members shall have the voting rights and will form the General body of the Academy.





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