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 Aims & Objectives


  • ·         To promote the advancement, dissemination and application of the knowledge of the Physical Sciences.  
  • To promote active interaction among all persons, bodies, educational and research institutions (private and / or state owned) and industries interested in the advancement, dissemination and application of Physical Sciences.  
  • To promote and popularize environment-friendly projects for upliftment of downtrodden and betterment of human society.  
  • To bridge the gap between the outcome of research and its useful applications for improving the quality of human life by encouraging goal-oriented LAB to LAND programmes through technology transfer to voluntary agencies involved in community activity.  
  • To disseminate information by publication of newsletters, reports, bulletins, journals incorporating research and teaching ideas, reviews, new developments, announcements regarding meetings, seminars, symposia and also by arranging special programmes such as workshops, schools etc.  
  • To arrange seminars, lectures, debates, panel discussions, conferences and audio-visual shows on current topics of interest as well as the emerging frontiers of research and teaching in physical sciences. 
  • To further developing relationship amongst fellow members and associated institutions.  
  • To encourage coordinated research and / or teaching programmes through scientists / fellow exchange with the aim of initiation and strengthening as well as sharing and acquisition of knowledge in a specific area of mutual interest.


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