Unsteady MHD Generalized Couette Flow in a Rotating Channel with Induced Magnetic Field, Hall Current and Periodically Magnetized Walls

Jitendra Kumar Singh, Naveen Joshi, C T Srinivasa


In this research work a mathematical analysis is presented for unsteady MHD generalized Couette flow of an incompressible and electrically conducting fluid in a rotating channel with induced magnetic field and Hall current. Both walls of the channel are magnetized and their magnetism is fluctuating periodically. The MHD flow through the parallel wall channel is developed due to an applied periodic pressure gradient and oscillatory movement of one of the walls of the channel. The solution of the flow governing coupled partial differential equations is obtained in closed form. To analyze the influences of various flow governing parameters, the numerical results for fluid velocity, induced magnetic field and skin friction at the moving wall are computed and presented through graphs and table. It is observed that Hall current raises the fluid velocity in the secondary flow direction in most of the upper part of the channel while this effect is upturned in the vicinity of the lower wall of the channel.



Induced magnetic field, rotation, Hall current and magnetized wall.

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